Home Window Replacement El Dorado Hills

Home Window Replacement El Dorado Hills

Window Replacement and Sliding Glass Door Replacement in El Dorado Hills

As a proud homeowner in El Dorado Hills, of course you take great care to make sure your home looks great and functions well all the time. El Dorado Hills is a great place to live, and it features some of the most beautiful homes in the area. It can be hard to keep up with the neighbors in a place like El Dorado Hills, but who wants to fall behind and have the shabby home on the block? We might not be able to help you win the landscaping contest with your green thumb neighbor, but here at The Glass Experts we can help you make sure that your El Dorado Hills home has gorgeous, pristine windows that look amazing from the outside and save you tons of money on electricity bills on the inside!

Why energy saving windows?

Energy saving windows are a great choice for any El Dorado Hills home! There are lots of ways that windows can waste energy, and there are lots of different window designs at The Glass Experts to address these problems and help you save energy in different ways. For example, a big south facing window is great for letting in warmth during the winter, but during the summer it can turn the room into an oven. A big north facing window, on the other hand, is likely to let in cold drafts during the winter. If you have windows facing directly east or west, you are going to get direct sunlight in the morning or the afternoon, which can make a room uncomfortably hot and also causes problems with the light shining straight into your eyes. Plenty of people solve these problems with solutions such as blinds and curtains, but these window treatments cannot keep out drafts, and more importantly they take away the whole benefit of having the windows in the first place, which is to let in beautiful sunlight for your house!

How do energy saving windows work?

The design of an energy saving window is intended to solve a specific problem, or sometimes a combination of problems. For example, if the problem is that the sunlight is radiating in too much heat in the summer, you can get a window from The Glass Experts that will reflect the infrared rays and therefore the heat away from the window while still allowing the visible spectrum light through so you get all the brightness that you would get from plain glass windows. Or if the problem is drafts, we have plenty of solutions for windows that open and close in various ways to give you the functionality you want with the perfect seal you need to keep your home well insulated.

What about businesses?

Here at The Glass Experts, we also specialize in commercial window replacement and storefront window replacement. Your storefront windows are the first things that customers see, so they are the first impression your customers get of your store. You wouldn’t dream of having damaged or broken storefront windows at your El Dorado Hills business, and nor should you keep around old looking windows that don’t look terrible yet but also don’t look quite pristine. Remember, this is how your customers are going to see your store, and your storefront windows might influence their decision to come in or not. If you have a business in El Dorado Hills, give us a call today and let us show you how you could be saving money on your electricity bill and attracting more customers with a renovated exterior at the same time!

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