Home Window Replacement Folsom

Home Window Replacement Folsom

We are your Glass Window and Sliding Glass Door Replacement Experts in Folsom!

Here at The Glass Experts, we are your home window replacement experts in Folsom, CA! We specialize in replacing, repairing, and installing home windows in Folsom, CA. Did you know that windows are some of the most important elements in your home’s energy efficiency? Windows can let in the heat and the cold, can be drafty, and can significantly increase your electricity bills if they are not energy efficient. While there are definitely some things you can do to increase your home window energy efficiency, such as caulking, there’s nothing that beats replacing your old and drafty windows with new, energy efficient windows. Here at The Glass Experts, we are all about saving you money on your energy bills with great brands and great deals on energy efficient windows in Folsom, CA. Check out the different specialties we offer and see how we can help you save money in your Folsom home, business, or storefront!

Window Replacement and Sliding Glass Door Replacement

If you have older windows, broken windows, or windows that are simply a bit energy inefficient, you are a prime candidate for benefiting from our window replacement services at The Glass Experts! We handle all sorts of window replacement needs, from basic home windows in standard sizes to Vinyl Window Replacement and Aluminum Window Replacement. Our home window replacement services obviously focus most on standard size windows because this is what is found most commonly in Folsom, CA homes. However, if you have a bay window, an arched window, or a window with uncommon dimensions, this is not a reason not to have energy inefficient windows! Saving money on your energy bills is important for everybody, not just for people who have the sizes of windows that are easily available at the hardware store! Contact us today and let us help you get the windows you need to make your house comfortable and energy efficient.

Energy Saving Windows

Windows bring light into the home and make your rooms more beautiful. There’s nothing like the feeling and atmosphere of natural sunlight flooding into your house! Having big, beautiful windows in your home makes the difference between a home that feels like a cave and a home that feels like a palace. Architects and interior decorators know this – that is why window walls are such popular architectural elements, and decorators so often put up mirrors to be able to reflect light throughout the house when the windows themselves are insufficient.

But windows can also be a huge drain on your energy usage. In the summer, windows can radiate heat in and increase your air conditioning costs substantially. And in the winter, windows are a prime place for drafts that make your house cold and increase your heating bills. Some people choose to have their houses be less comfortable and to pay more in utilities. Other people choose to have their houses be less sunny and beautiful, covering up their windows with heavy curtains in an attempt to save money on electricity.

Fortunately for you, with energy saving windows from The Glass Experts, you don’t have to choose! We have many different styles of residential windows to choose from that save you money in different ways based on your home’s individual needs, including reducing or eliminating drafts and reflecting heat away from your windows. Let us help you find the best kind of window for every part of your house!

Commercial Window Replacement

We also specialize in energy efficient windows and window replacement for your business or storefront. It costs a lot of money to run a business, and of course you want to save as much money as possible in continuing costs. Give us a call today and let us help you make your business more beautiful and more energy efficient at the same time with our commercial window replacement services!

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