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DIY Window Pane Replacement

Friday, September 18, 2015

DIY Window Pane Replacement

Save a lot of money on utilities bills if you replace windows with an energy-efficient window

If you have an older window with single-pane glass, you are almost guaranteed to need to replace that glass sooner or later. Of course, we can’t help reminding you that you would save a lot of money on utilities bills if you just replaced it with a new, energy-efficient window instead of replacing the glass in the old window. Nevertheless, a lot of people really like the look of these old fashioned windows and want to keep them, and to be honest, if you know the costs of doing it a certain way and still want to do it that way, who are we to stop you?

It is really pretty easy to do DIY window replacement

  1. The first thing you need to do is: Remove the rest of the broken glass around the edges of the window sash. We are assuming here that you are replacing the glass because it broke, since otherwise why on earth would you be replacing the glass on your old window pane instead of just replacing the whole window? Use heavy gloves to get all the broken glass out of the sash, because you can cut yourself quite badly with a glass shard. Dispose of the broken glass.
  2. Clean both sides of the window, the window sash, and everything else that you can get to. The cleaner it is, the less chance you have of the putty not sticking. If there are stubborn pieces of the old glazing compound left in the window sash, just loosen them up with a heat gun or even a blow dryer.
  3. Measure for the new piece of glass. You can get a piece of glass custom cut to match the exact measurements you come up with from most home improvement stores, so be precise in your measurements!
  4. Install the new piece of glass into your window frame. Use little triangles known as push points to hold the glass in to the window sash. These will help it stay in place securely, though of course they will not keep any drafts out. You will need one push point on each side of the glass all the way around the window, at least once per edge.
  5. Finish up with putty. You will use one bead of putty and a putty knife to evenly smooth the putty around the edge of the glass and connect it to the sash. Let it dry, and then you will be able to smooth it.

And that is DIY window pane replacement!

It is really quite easy and simple. Of course, we at The Glass Experts would still prefer to see you installing new, energy efficient windows, but obviously it is your choice. Old fashioned windows are very beautiful and add a lot of charm to your home. So if you are willing to pay for it with your higher electricity bills, then we are just happy that you are happy. After all, our job is to get you the windows you want at affordable prices, not to be the window police and tell you that you have to get new windows or else. If you do decide that you want to replace your old fashioned single pane windows with something more comfortable and energy efficient, check out our different styles and models. We have many options at The Glass Experts that look absolutely beautiful in and older home and will save you money on your power bill at the same time!