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DIY Window Replacement

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DIY Window Replacement

If you are Hands on, you may want to take the DIY Window Replacement Route

DIY Window Replacement

One of the questions we get very frequently at ##NAME## is, “Can’t I just replace my windows myself?” The answer is, yes, you absolutely can!

Here is a step by step guide to DIY window replacement if you have a broken window.

  1. Measure your window to find out what size window you will need. Since houses settle and window frames expand and contract, you will need to take three measurements. First, measure horizontally across the window, at the top, middle, and bottom. Second, measure vertically, at the left, center, and right of the window. Take the smallest number of each for your glass dimensions, since you don’t want your window to be too big to fit in the frame.
  2. Go to your local hardware or home improvement store and get a replacement window to fit the dimensions you measured.
  3. Take the old window out. You are working from the inside of the house now. To do this, you are going to first need to remove the stops (the pieces of wood that keep the window sash from falling inwards). Do not damage the stops or the surrounding area! You will need to be very careful with this step, and you may need to get creative with the tools you use to get the job done. You are going to put the stops back on when you have the new window installed, so take as long as you need to make sure that they are still in perfect condition when you get them out.
  4. Take the sash out of the window. For an older home, you will need to cut the sash cords or sash chains. For all homes, you will need to remove the parting beads (the vertical pieces that keep the sashes tracking correctly when you open and close the window). Take the outside sash out of the window, from the inside of the home, and do not remove the outside stops.
  5. Clean the window frame, including all the stops and the inside area where you will be installing the new window. This is a great time to take care of any problems such as holes or splintered wood. If you see large holes, fill them in with fiberglass insulation to protect against drafts.
  6. Put the new window into the frame to see how it will fit. Place it in the middle of the opening to measure for fit. Then remove it so you can finish preparing the window frame. Caulk around the inside part of the outside stops, measure the sill angle and caulk there, and caulk along the top of the header piece or expander. Screw the header piece or expander in with the provided screws.
  7. Install the new window. Where needed, use shims to square the window with the frame. Screw the window in and adjust the header to cover any extra space between the top of the window and the frame.
  8. Test the window. Open and close the sashes, and adjust them for tightness by using the adjustment screws. Once you are satisfied with the way the window is working, caulk the inside of the window and replace the interior window stops.

Benefits of DIY Window Installation

The most obvious benefit of DIY window installation is the money you can save. Doing anything yourself is usually going to be cheaper than paying someone else to come do it for you.

Drawbacks of DIY Window Installation

There are two main drawbacks of DIY window installation. The first drawback is that you might do something wrong, damage something, and end up having to pay more to get it professionally fixed. The second drawback is that home improvement stores often have basic windows that work well but don’t have all the energy saving options that ##NAME## offer. We have many different energy saving features and we will even combine features for custom-made windows that specifically target your individual needs. You can’t get that just buying premade windows at your local home improvement store. For many people, it is well worth the price to be able to get the exact windows they want and to have them professionally installed so they know they are done right.

Here at ##NAME##, we support you if you want to do your window installation yourself and to feel self-sufficient. We do recommend that you look at what we have to offer and compare your options carefully before deciding, because we offer affordable low prices and expert installation so that you don’t have to worry about it and can have exactly the windows you need!