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Storefront Glass Replacement Folsom

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Storefront Glass Replacement Folsom

If you are looking for excellent storefront glass replacement service in the Folsom, CA area, you have come to the right place at The Glass Experts! We are here to get you the glass replacement you need quickly and affordably, so that you can get back to what matters most to you: taking care of your Folsom business! While we’re at it, we might just save you a bunch of money in electricity costs as well by hooking you up with our fantastic energy saving windows and glass doors, so you will be able to look forward to that additional benefit as well! Give us a call today for a free estimate and to find out more about how our storefront glass replacement services can help you.

  • The importance of storefront glass: Your store’s windows are the first impression your customers get. When they are walking down the street or driving by in their car, they see the way the outside of your store looks before they ever see inside your windows to your window displays. If your windows are dirty or damaged, or especially if they are broken or cracked, potential customers are much more likely to pass up your business and shop somewhere else. Why? It’s really simple: damaged windows communicate that your shop is not successful or that you do not care about it. Who wants to shop somewhere that is not successful and that might have substandard items to offer? Or who wants to shop somewhere where the owner does not care about the store? The care and pride you take in your Folsom, CA store directly affects the way your customers will see it, and therefore it has a huge impact on the sales you can hope to make and the profits you can hope to get.

  • Benefits of storefront glass from The Glass Experts: A lot of people labor under the misconception that glass is glass. The only difference, in their opinion, between a single pane of glass that you get from your local hardware store and a fancy window you can get from a company such as The Glass Experts is the price tag. This could not possibly be farther from the truth. We offer energy saving windows and energy efficient doors to save you money. You can get energy saving glass that will reflect out heat while still letting in the sunlight you want for your business, or that will block all drafts and breezes to keep the inside air where it belongs and the outside air where it belongs. Regular, single-pane glass definitely does not do this!

  • Save money on electricity: As a savvy business owner in Folsom, CA, you know that it is all about the bottom line. You need to avoid wasting money at all costs because any wasted money cuts into your profits. At the same time, you need to spend enough money on your business to be able to attract customers. The last thing you want is for your customers to think your business is second rate simply because you did not make an investment or improvement that you needed to. Storefront glass is an important area not to skimp because drafts and heat can cost so much to combat in utilities. The initial cost of energy efficient windows is higher than plain glass, but they pay for themselves incredibly quickly in energy savings. Your bottom line will thank you for years to come for choosing energy saving windows from The Glass Experts!

  • Impress your customers: As a business owner, you also have to convince your customers to shop with you instead of anywhere else. You have to sell your business and yourself as much as your merchandise. The outside appearance of your store is essential for this, because it is the first thing customers see and therefore the first thing customers judge you by. And if they come inside and can’t get warm because of cold drafts, or can’t get away from the heat because your windows turn the place into an oven, they are not going to stay long. That means lost sales. When your windows are perfect your customers will not even notice them, and they will focus all their attention on the beauty of your window displays when they are outside and your merchandise when they are inside. That is exactly how you want your customers to feel and react!

  • Energy saving features: Here at The Glass Experts, we have many energy saving features you can choose from. Different windows and situations require different energy saving features. One window might need extra protection against drafts because of the way it faces in your store, while another window might need heat protection because it gets the harsh afternoon sunlight which makes the store swelteringly hot. This is why we offer many different options in terms of energy saving features. Contact us today and we will be happy to give you a free consultation and estimate based on your own energy efficiency needs.

  • Affordability of energy efficient glass: Here at The Glass Experts we know that energy efficient glass costs a bit more than plain glass that is not energy efficient, but the last thing we want to do is to overcharge you or bleed you dry with the costs of our windows! We offer our products at the lowest possible prices so that you can take advantage of our energy saving benefits without having to overextend your business’s budget. As our satisfied customers will attest, the benefits of our windows are so great that they quickly pay for themselves in energy savings. Give us a call today for a free estimate!