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Energy Saving Storefront Windows

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Energy Saving Storefront Windows

When it comes to your business, every penny of your bottom line matters. The more you can save on unnecessary recurring costs, the more you can reinvest in your business in more meaningful ways. Your electricity bills aren’t exactly unnecessary costs – you won’t make much revenue if your business doesn’t have lights on or a way to function – but that doesn’t mean your bills need to be as high as they are. What if we could show you a simple and easy way to save tons of money on your energy bills for your business?

Of course, there is an easy way to do exactly that, with energy saving commercial windows from The Glass Experts. We can take your old and inefficient commercial windows and replace them with attractive, new, and completely efficient windows that will no longer let the heat or cold in and will give your thermostat a well deserved break!

  • Why does my business need energy saving windows? There is only one kind of commercial building that does not need energy saving windows: a building without any windows at all. However, some buildings definitely need energy efficient windows more than others. For example, if you have a big storefront display window where customers can see the products you offer, you’re not just showing off your wares to the world; you’re also letting in whatever temperature might be outside straight into the front of your store. Huge windows like this are notoriously inefficient, both because they tend to be drafty and because in the summer they tend to turn the front half of your store into a giant oven.

  • How can energy saving windows help my business? This is obvious enough – they will save you money on your energy bills because your heating and cooling system will no longer have to work so hard to keep your business at a comfortable temperature inside. Another way they will help is by making your customers more comfortable. Nobody likes to shop or do business in a drafty place where they can’t get warm, or in a spot where they’re even hotter than they were outside on a summer day. When your customers are more comfortable, they are more likely to stay and linger, which translates into them buying more, which translates into better revenues for you.

  • Can I install energy saving commercial windows myself for my business? You can, but we honestly don’t know why you would. It’s going to take you more time to do a DIY job than it would take us just to get it done. As a successful business person, your time is worth a lot of money. Spending time on something unnecessary instead of managing your business is akin to throwing money out the window. And then there’s the possibility of mistakes. When you have your energy saving commercial windows professionally installed by The Glass Experts, you will have your windows installed more quickly than if you did it yourself, without having the opportunity cost of doing it yourself, and you also know that the windows are going to be installed right without any mistakes. It’s the obvious choice for a business owner!

Give us a call today to find out how The Glass Experts can save you money and improve the look and functionality of your store with energy saving commercial windows!