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Save Money by Installing New Windows

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Save Money by Installing New Windows

It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? How can buying something new actually save you money?

Well, when it comes to windows, it actually can.

Windows, especially older windows, are somewhat notorious for making it hard to heat or cool a home or business efficiently. It is incredibly beautiful to have a wall of windows or a single huge window that lets in a ton of sunlight. But up until recently, that sunlight came at a huge price – literally. The amount of money you would have to spend on utilities costs heating or cooling the area around those windows meant that those windows were a lot more expensive than just the cost of installing them.

Installing New Windows

If you have older, inefficient windows, you can save a lot of money on your power bills by installing new windows!

Those older windows in your home or business are making your thermostat work harder and basically forcing you to pay more just to stay comfortable. What if you could have the beautiful sunlight and the comfortable temperatures at the same time, and all the while be paying less on your utilities bills? Who wouldn’t be thrilled about that?

There are a few ways to tell if your windows are costing you unnecessarily for your power bills.

First, if they are the old, picturesque, single pane windows, they are definitely wasting money. They may look beautiful, but they are incredibly expensive to keep in your house. Little gaps between the glass and the sash in this kind of window let in drafts, and then you have to consider that the sashes often do not fit into the window frame perfectly, which lets in even more drafts. You can probably feel the drafts with very little effort, but you really don’t even need to test if you have these sorts of windows. The fact is, you are paying a high price in utilities for your beautiful, old-fashioned windows.

Even if you have newer windows, they can start leaking and wasting you money.

Houses settle and shift throughout the year, and the way the windows fit in the frames shifts too. Double paned windows can lose their seal, which means they lose the protective layer of air that gives such great insulation.

Here’s how you can test to find out if you could save money by installing new windows.

On a cold or hot day, go and stand right by your window. If you can tell a difference in temperature from the rest of the room, that window is leaking and is wasting you money, or it is letting in too much heat and making your thermostat work too hard. Check for fogginess on the inside of your window. If your double paned window is foggy on the inside, it is again wasting you money. On a windy day, listen for the sound of wind whistling by your window. This is another indication of a leaky window, though of course it will only happen if the wind is coming from the right direction. If you notice any of these things happening, then you can definitely save money by installing new, energy efficient windows from The Glass Experts.

There are several solutions to the problem of leaky and drafty windows.

Obviously, the first thing to do is to make sure the windows you get have a good seal. The amount that a window can seal depends on the actual design of the window. Windows that do not open at all can be sealed the best, and you can get 100% draft protection that will not wear out over time and use. If you do need to open your windows, the best opening windows for draft protection are actually models that open outwards, either to the side, top, or back. The standard windows that slide up and down are the most likely to get drafty, but they are also the most popular models because of the way they look. We offer many different options so you can weigh all the pros and cons and pick the solution that will be best for you. Give us a call today for a free estimate, and we will help you pick the energy saving windows that will be best for your specific needs!